Few words about me

IMG_1274A few words about me.

Cooking and I is a long story. As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved eating… Which is a good start.

Now, I cook for my husband, my kids and my grandchildren. They are my biggest fans and my favorite culinary critics. Making them happy is for me the greatest reward. There is also my friends: meet with each other around a table to have a good shared moment is a way to have of healthy lifestyle. All these beloved people make my imagination able to free, to imagine and discover new recipes to try thanks to a magazine, a travel or people I meet.

Why creating a blog? To share of course, but also for sure to answer questions like “how do you do that?”, “can I have your recipe?”, “I have no idea for this dinner, can you help me find something to cook?”… But it’s also to please me and push a little more the sharing aspect of cooking. This blog would have never came out from the ground without my four kids who supported me in this project, BIG THANK YOU to them!

The recipes of this blog are for some recipes for everyday life and some other are a little bit elaborated, but they will all be approved by my “culinary critics”. I’ll test recipes from a magazine or a book often, and in this case you’ll always have the references and the modifications I made. I have to tell I am incorrigible, I can’t follow exactly a recipe… Finally I’ll meet chefs, (stared or not), wine makers, producers… only for you. In that way, we will share a professional’s passion and try to obtain his/her favorite recipe.

I never imagined to make articles in English, also because I have to say my English is really bad. But you have been many coming from Anglophone countries to visit Mamscook, so Mamscook in English, let’s go! Thank you to Margot and Lea who translate everything.

Are you ready? Welcome and let’s cook!

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