Grandma’s apple cake

This cake is a childhood memory. I love it. No, it’s not an apple cake like the others. It is the cake we ate on Sundays and that my mum used to do. The secret of this cake is that it is cooked in two times. The paste and the apples are cooked then, after... Lire la Suite →

Gratin Dauphinois

The very first "Gratin dauphinois" I have made wasn't exactly like I wanted it to be!!!!! It was years ago and I still remember it, the milk and the cream overflowed, the cooking was terrible and there were way to much liquid! I tried again (a lot) and a few years ago, I had the... Lire la Suite →

Eggplant Gratin with cumin

Here is a recipe adapted to the weather as you can use summer vegetables. If I publish this recipe now it’s because one of my daughter asked for it, so now you are able to enjoy it too! Choose shinny and firm eggplants with a not dry stalk. Choose better small eggplant because the skin... Lire la Suite →

French Crêpes

Why publishing the French crepes recipe in the middle of the summer? Well, it’s because it’s an answer to one of my daughter. She is doing an internship on the other side of the world, in California. She is living with a really nice family there. Two days ago she texted me on WhatsApp: “There... Lire la Suite →

Pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving by Christopher

Today, it's Thanksgiving for Americans. I wish all the Americans a great Thanksgiving.This special day is celebrated in Canada, Liberia, in Norfolk Island, and, obviously, in United States, but on different dates. Thanksgiving means action of grace. In the 17th century, it was a religious celebration, nowadays it's no more religious. Companies are closed, families... Lire la Suite →

Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic

This mashed potatoes made with roasted garlic is delightfull. It's perfect with beaf (roasted beaf, tournedos, steak) and fish. You would say it's pretty obvious, but the start of mashed potatoes is a good choice of potatoes! It will make a tasty and creamy dish. With almost 300 kinds of potatoes cultivated in France, the... Lire la Suite →

Stuffed tomatoes

As you know, I live in the South of France... Tomatoes are everywhere in gardens, on market' stall and their brightfull colors make the summer last a bit longer and allow us to make... Stuffed tomatoes! It is a classic of French cuisine and there are as many way to cook them as there are... Lire la Suite →

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